Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early Morning Sketch

I haven't been sketching as much lately, so today, I decided to get right to it and sketch the bed before we made it. Here's the result.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sketching in Sellwood

The Portland Urban Sketchers had a sketchcrawl in Sellwood last Saturday. We met in Tea Chai Te, and sat in the converted red caboose for tea and sketching. My cup of vanilla chai macadamia nut tea made a wonderful aroma in the cozy room.

Eventually most of us wandered out to the street for more sketching. These sketches were made at Share-It Square (SE 9th and Sherrett), an intersection that has been decorated and refurbished to further a sense of community in the neighborhood. The cob structure below sheltered me while I sat on the bench out of the rain.

This T-Station is on the same corner as the bench. It holds mugs and tea and some days has hot water so visitors can enjoy a cup of tea.
The square has a playhouse corner, another one for sharing books and other items for recycling, a cob hive with  a cupboard for newspapers, and a bulletin board area. The center of the intersection is painted with designs and words of wisdom or welcome. The drivers who came through knew to slow down for people enjoying the square. It's definitely worth another visit for sketching or maybe having a cup of tea.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scottish Still Life

A few days ago, one of my sketching groups came to my house and we set up a Scottish still life to honor one of our sketcher's birthday and ancestory. We had flags and jewelry, porcelain Scottie dogs, golf balls and tees, and of course scones, smoked salmon, shortbread and more. This drawing shows some of the leftover items.

I wouldn't call this one a sketch, since I spent much longer on it than I usually do and I drew most of it in pencil first. It's not my usual way of drawing, but I have to admit that I did like coloring in all the detail afterward.