Friday, December 31, 2010

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The Urban Sketching Symposium was back in July 2010, but I didn't post my sketches. Here they are.

And here are sketches from our trip to London in October. It started with a going away tea given by a sketching friend.

I tried to meet up with the London Urban Sketchers for a Worldwide Sketchcrawl at the British Museum, but I never saw them.

There was lots of construction going on in London.

I loved sketching in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

We could see the V&A from our hotel room.

And we also saw this.

And finally, here are some little moleskin sketches from our Paris and London trip.

That was it for the 2010 it's time to go celebrate the New Year! Whew!
I wish all the sketchers a year of many delightful sketching events. 
Happy New Year (again)!

Old Grids, New Year

                 Sometimes, it's fun to draw little pictures in a grid. (These are from quite awhile back.) 
This one was inspired by a commercial card 
of faces in black, white, and gold.

This grid was filled while watching Poirot on t.v. 
(I think he was actually a detective rather than an inspector.)
Most of his expressions were conveyed via his terrific eyebrows.

       And this grid was drawn while watching Lawrence of Arabia.

Maybe I'll make a calendar grid and add one little picture to represent each day ( A minimalist approach to drawing or keeping a journal. Sounds doable. )This could be the right day to start a project like that.
     Happy New Year!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Sketchcrawl

On Saturday, several of the Portland Urban Sketchers met for a sketchcrawl. We started at a coffee shop in SE Portland and then moved on to the Architectural Heritage Center where we drew items that had been salvaged from old Portland buildings. We had lunch, shared sketchbooks, talked sketching and sketched some more at the Side Door. Here are some sketches from the day.

Sketchers and dazed customer at coffee shop. Lamp from  Architectural Heritage Center. I 'm pretty sure I saw a similar lamp to this while I was on jury duty. I wanted to sketch it, but it wasn't the right time and place.

Various displayed items and a poor likeness of a fellow sketcher.
This is the same face as on the previous page, but it looked surprisingly different from this angle.
Sketchers and others at the Side Door.

The day before, I sketched with some friends at Rejevenation. This little woodstove looked like it could be dancing with the andirons, Beauty and the Beast style. I was tempted to add movement lines to the sketch.