Monday, April 6, 2015

Urban Sketching

We've had some nice weather days lately, making it really pleasant to get out for a sketch.
Some sketching friends and I nabbed a picnic table with a view of Pittock Mansion one direction

and a view of Portland and Mt. Hood from the other direction.
It was a gorgeous day and lots of people were enjoying the view. We got in some sunshine, some sketching and I had my first picnic of the year. 

The leaves are starting to come out on the trees. The Fields is a new park and the plantings are still immature, but someday those trees will provide shade around the wide open space. When I sketched this, I was glad for the sunshine.

I drive by this apartment building several times a week because it's by my gym, and the other day, there was finally a parking space directly across from it. It's always odd for me to see palm trees in Portland, but there are several around town that have managed to survive for years.