Sunday, November 26, 2017

More October Sketches

Portland State Farmers Market

Giant Trees by the PSU Walk of Heroines

South Waterfront

Tanner Springs

Cormell Farms Pumpkins

NW Portland, view from Ken's Bakery

Sketching with the Urban Sketchers at Rocking Frog on a very rainy day.

September 2017

Sketched in NW Portland with the Urban Sketchers of Portland

another on Thurman Street

Bishop's Close

On the campus of PSU

Jamison Square

the newly built Karl Miller Center at PSU

from NW Portland New Seasons

                                                               Pittock Mansion grounds

Hoyt Arboretum

October: Inktober

This year, I decided to do the 2017 Inktober Challenge--or at least part of it. After the first day, I drew something to go with each prompt. I posted some on Instagram and the Facebook Everyday Matters site, but here's the complete set.

                                                       Day 1: Swift (mine's a crow)

                                                                     Day 2: Divided

Day 3: Poison

Day 4: Underwater 
(These jellies are drawn with gel pens on a watercolor wash.)

Day 5: Long 
(This has nothing to do with Trump.)

Day 6: Sword

Day 7: Shy

Day 8: Crooked 
(This does have to do with Trump. I'm kind of ashamed of drawing him so fat.)

Day 9: Screech

Day 10: Gigantic (This is a nebula)

Day 11: Run

Day 12: Shattered
(Something very similar happened by my dad at an ice sculpting show at Pioneer Square.)

Day 13: Teeming

Day 14: Fierce

Day 15: Mysterious

Day 16: Fat
(I have no problem fat-shaming a squirrel, especially because he's eating my bulb.)

Day 17: Graceful

Day 18: Filthy

Day 19: Cloud
(My Joni Mitchell joke)

Day 20: Deep

Day 21: Furious

Day 22: Trail

Day 23: Juicy

Day 24: Blind

Day 25: Ship

Day 26: Squeak

Day 27: Climb

Day 28: Fall

Day 29: United

Day 30: Found 
(This was inspired by the Kim Stafford poem, 'Ruby Takes a Stone'.)

Day 31:Mask
(The Finale!)