Monday, July 19, 2010

Some New and Old Sketches

Here are two recent sketches from Director's Square in downtown Portland.

This is a year-old sketch of the Hollywood Theater, done Sempe style, with Sumi ink.

Two days of sketches at McMenamins Edgefield:
With a group of sketching friends, we drew in the bar while waiting for the sun to appear.

The lanterns in the Black Rabbit Courtyard. All the time we were sketching, a financial planner droned on to a group of captive conference participants. Too bad they were missing the delightful time outside in the sun.

A quick sketch of the Black Rabbit Courtyard at McMemamins Edgefield.

The Portland Urban Sketch group sketched at the King Farmer's Market on a rainy day.

SketchCrawl: Florist Shop

This wedding dress (with butterflies) was inside the florist shop.

This is the Ecotrust Building. Sketched on the February SketchCrawl and color (including leaves) added much, much later. That's cheating, but it really needed color.

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