Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden Party

On one of our few lovely spring days, fellow sketcher,  Heather,  had some of us to her garden for breakfast, garden viewing and sketching. Here are some records of the marvelous morning.

The breakfast!

The potted head (which in reality did not look as Easter Island as this), the stone bench, and the pond with  a lily, of course.

Some items from the potting table.

There was so much more to draw, but not enough time.  Is there ever enough time to draw a beautiful garden on a sunny day? 


Heather said...

I adore this.
Your rhodies are so good!
Your geese are devine too. How did you manage
to capture the china so esquissitely? :)
And how did you manage to draw your pen if you were drawing with it? Quel surprise!

Vicky said...

Thank you, Heather. The breakfast sketch is a reminder of the lovely day. I must confess to two pens, but if asked, I'll deny that I spent more money on art supplies. As to the china--have you counted your plates?