Friday, November 30, 2012

November Remnants

Here are some miscellaneous sketches from this month. These first two are sketches of clay sculptures by Glenn La'Fontaine. They are in the Native American wing of the Portland Art Museum.

Here are a couple from a sketchcrawl with the Urban Sketchers Portland group. The first was sketched from the window of Stumptown Coffee on Belmont and the next was sketched in an intersection nearby.

The following are from my figure drawing class at PNCA and from a drop-in session at Hipbone studio.

And that's the end of the sketches for November.

1 comment:

helen said...

I like all of these especially the Native American with the Eagle Plume.
Glad to see Hipbone is still around.

Thanks for checking my blog - keeps me going. Be sure to go to Porque No. I really like their food - so fresh and flavorful and the decor - just what we need on these long rainy days.