Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sketchbook Pages

Last Friday was a beautiful springlike day and some friends and I headed for SW Portland for sketching. We started with coffee at The Hof, a friendly and cozy cafe in Goose Hollow.

When the sun warmed up, we moved outside to sketch the flower shop. Here, the proprietor treated us to Valentine's Day chocolates while we sketched. What could be more perfect for a sketching outing than sunshine and chocolate?

A delightful young woman on roller blades posed for us while sitting in the sun....

Saturday, the Urban Sketchers Portland group met in NW Portland. The day was chilly and turned rainy, so I preferred to sketch in Kiva Tea shop.

Fellow sketchers are always fair game for sketching...

Another day this week, the shadows on the Greek Orthodox Church caught my eye, while I was driving home.  I stopped to make a quick sketch and  realized how hard it is (for me) to make straight lines in a tiny hand-held sketchbook, even if the car was parked.

Like most Portlanders, I'm really hoping for some more sunshine. With all our rain, we are especially appreciative of sunny weather.

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