Monday, September 23, 2013

Pettygrove Park

On Saturday, I joined other Urban Sketchers and sketched 'The Dreamer' sculpture, tucked into a tiny park with towering trees and little round hills. I wanted to take it slowly at first, so I started by crosshatching (2nd sketch). The lines of the sculpture intrigued me, so I did a line drawing next (top).

After the toned paper, I wanted some color, so I switched sketchbooks and drew in watercolor and threw on some watercolor pencil. Then the rain started--with a vengeance.  I wish I had moved closer to Manual Izquierdo's sculpture and listened to it. Apparently, it is filled with foam so when the rain hits it, it sounds like a kettledrum. A missed opportunity!

After a tasty lunch with about a dozen sketchers, a few of us weren't ready to quit.  We headed over to the PSU Farmers Market, where I did some quick people sketches, adding the color later.

It was a fun day of sketching and chatting, sharing sketchbooks, catching up with sketching friends and meeting new sketchers.  It was pretty much a delightful Saturday, even with the rain.

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