Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Geeking out on Perspective

Having noticed that the cylindrical shapes that I draw seem to be too rounded, especially at the base,  I decided to do some serious perspective study today to figure out what actually is happening when a circle is drawn in perspective. I decided to draw some glassware that I could see through, and the wine and cocktail glasses fit the bill: red, white, champagne flute, a martini glass, and a rectangular bottle for contrast. When I got down a tray for carrying them all upstairs to my desk, I noticed a dishtowel with a grid of squares. Perfect!

I decided to simplify things by using one-point perspective. I set up a grid on my paper, complete with horizon line, vanishing point,  and stationary point (at least two times as far away as the outer limit of the sketch from the vp) so that I could determine the depth of the square grid. Then I started drawing the bases of the glasses on the grid. I still need some work here, but now I know what to study next. 

I just eyeballed the tops of the glasses and their curves. That will be study for another day.

After all this thinking and staring at empty glasses, I felt the urge for a little reward. Cheers!

p.s. If anyone has suggestions for simply drawing glasses that look accurate, I'm eager to know them!


Dailysketches said...

You are working way too hard,art buddy!
What a great study! I love the gridded towel used to help with perspective. A great exercise.though a lot can be said for drinking wine first and then drawing the glass.
If it's off you don't care!

Vicky said...

Ha! Good advice, Linda!

helen said...

You are great - glasses must be the most challenging things - they would be for me!