Monday, October 26, 2015

Paris Sketches

The day we arrived in Paris it was cloudy and gray, but we didn't mind.

Usually, the weather was sunny and crisp so we did a lot of walking...once taking a 3 minute break for me to sketch a quick view of Notre Dame.

We visited Sacre Coeur and found a quiet spot where I could draw.

After sketching in Luxembourg Gardens, I needed to go to an art store for some Winsor red.

I joined the very welcoming Paris sketchers for a sketch in a bookstore...

where I also sketched a couple of other sketchers...

It was sunny and busy in the Marais and many people were out enjoying the weather...

This isn't a very good sketch of the Rodin Garden, but it reminds me of the very well-dressed little toddler who tried to take my purse, presumably to complete her ensemble...

On another sunny afternoon, I did a quick sketch at the garden of the Palais Royale. Nearby,  we saw ads for a Le Corbusier exhibit.

In the courtyard, a class of art/architecture students were practicing perspective. I decided to join in for a quick sketch.

I finally got to see a closeup of the sculptures in the fountain at Place Igor Stravinsky, behind the Pompidou.

When I got home, I make a map of the places we visited in Paris.

It was a fabulous trip. I don't think I could ever get tired of visiting Paris and sketching its many wonders.

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Dailysketches said...

Tres magnifique! I'm so glad you posted these on PDX USK.
Now send them in as a guest blogger on the 'mother ship"!
Really, do it! This is a beautiful group of sketches and observations.