Saturday, June 11, 2016

Architecture and some Chairs

With a sketching trip in England coming up, I've been preparing by drawing some architecture.

On the Bishop's Close sketch, I practiced grays (ultramarine blue and Quinacridone Sienna) and discovered that I love Arches Watercolor Paper (several grades above my usual paper).

The Firehouse Restaurant is the first of a series of firehouses that some other sketchers and I are beginning.

These are some quick pen sketches made after going to the Farmers Market by PSU.

Parts of the Winchester Inn in Ashland were under construction when we stayed there last week.

It was wonderful to sit under an umbrella or on the porch sketching, until the heat got to be too intense. Then we headed for the plays, movies, or the air-conditioned shops.

Here's a final sketch with no architecture, but some yummy cherries and bright snapdragons.


Janene said...

What a fun array of sketches! I can't decide which ones I like best, the bright watercolors or the pen and ink, but they make a nice collection. The first one of Bishop's Close is really special though-love the texture on the building and the graphic lines. (I think I got my email problem sorted out so I have high hopes you'll get notification of my comment.)

Vicky said...

Thank you so much, Janene. My favorite is the Bishop's Close, too, because it was so enjoyable using that Arches paper. I got the notification of your comment, so you must have done the trick with your email.

I missed seeing your sketch today. I hope you'll post it.

Thanks again!

Dailysketches said...

I agree! A lovely collection of sketches. I'm so glad you enjoyed painting on Arches. I think you did a wonderful job copying it from the other paper. The two two ink sketches near the market are wonderful as well.
What a crowd today! I plan to return and finish my sketch on location on a sunny day this week.
I really enjoyed seeing familiar faces and new ones as well.
I really enjoyed meeting Evelyn...she is lovely. We have a lot in common! Both our moms were 'war brides' from the UK.
A nice morning.

Vicky said...

Thanks, Linda. Yes, you've sold me on Arches paper--on occasion anyway.