Friday, February 10, 2017

Winter Sketches

In December and January, we had a lot of very cold days. It was so cold that I sketched these trees from the comfort of the car.

Then we got about a foot of snow, so I sketched from inside the house.  I realized that snow is very difficult for me to draw.

Somedays, the sky was blue and the snow and icicles sparkled in the sun.

One day, it was nice enough to put on my Yaktrax, grab my hiking poles and join some other sketchers in a neighborhood coffee shop. I wasn't the only one eager to get out of the house for some companionship and a sketch.

On days when I was housebound, it was a good opportunity to take Veronica Lawlor's online class and play with line and pattern.

I also added a little to previous sketches.

Finally, tiring of snow and ice and expecting that we might lose our power, we decided that we needed a change of venue. M and I  trudged to a bus stop and hopped on  a bus for a downtown mini-vacation. We checked into a hotel right off Directors Square.  I've sketched there many times, but never from the comfort and vantage point of the 10th floor of the Paramount Hotel.

We could hang out in the lobby....

or, by using extra care, we could walk to restaurants, a theater, and Starbucks.

Eventually, the snow and ice disappeared, followed by heavy rain. Even the rain couldn't keep me and thousands of others from attending  inspiring and uplifting Women's March.

Now, happily, the snowdrops are peeking up and the possibility of spring is on the horizon!

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