Sunday, September 5, 2010

This Week's Sketches

Several Portland Urban Sketchers sketched the White Eagle, a place that is now owned by the McMenamin brothers. It's a lot different than it was in the 70's when we danced on the peanut shells that littered the floor. I think the shadows and the perspective are questionable, but I like the power lines.

These were quick sketches of things inside the saloon. I didn't finish this while I was there, so I decided to fill up the empty space with text.

I had a delightful time sketching, eating, and chatting and laughing with friends at Pambiche.

These sketches were done at The Canvas, a terrific art bistro in NW Portland where you can sketch, drink, and eat in the company of other artistically-inclined people. There were two different models.

This was done in Louise's dining room. Matisse would have had a good time here.

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Anne said...

Hi Vicky! Really enjoyed drawing with you at White Eagle sat. Here's to many more sketch crawls!