Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sketching at Floyd's Coffee Shop

It was a rainy day to be sketching outside, so I stayed inside and sketched at Floyd's. Linda joined me to finish her painting. I used pens from a Pitt terra set and the results feel more like me than anything I've sketched lately.  There are definitely problems with the sketches, but I'm eager to try this method again.


geminica said...

I'm so sorry to have missed you and Linda! I feel bad for trying to organize something and then letting iffy weather bring my drawing spirits down. Glad you and Linda didn't suffer from the same problem.

It's starting to feel like Floyd's is the official Portland Urban Sketchers meeting place - and it's a good one.

Dailysketches said...

Yeah Vicky!
These look great on your blog.And you made me look younger-thanks! I like your new 'look'in drawing.

helen said...

These are great _ if Floyd sees them, he may want to own them!

Vicky said...

Thanks so much for your comments!