Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Whole Lot of Paris Sketches

We had a lovely trip to Paris and London in October. In Paris,  I did quite a bit of sketching:

Before we left, I sketched my books so I could avoid the dreaded empty sketchbook dilemma.

Like every sketcher, I had to sketch on the plane. (I know Oregon isn't as pointy as I drew it.) We had a late start which worried some of the passengers, like the girl in front of me who was going to meet her boyfriend before he was sent to a different army base. Her mom was accompanying her.
 When we got to Paris, we checked in at our Rue Cler hotel, and went right to the Parc du Champs du Mars where I sketched the Eiffel Tour. We were here after school was out and there were lots of little kids on scooters and playing soccer.
 After a trip to Giverny with friends, I had a lovely meal at Tera Cafe. The food was arranged on a plate that looked like an artist's pallet. It was delicious, too!

Here's the beautiful lunch.

 Michael and I spent a day in the Marais where we had stayed on our last Paris trip in 2008. Our favorite waiter at a cafe in the Place des Vosges  (Nectarine) recognized us from before!

In the Luxembourg Gardens, I saw a group who seemed to be having a sketching lesson. I figure it's always fair game to sketch sketchers.

 A couple of quick sketches in the garden at Les Invalides.

We had a hard time getting inside the d'Orsay this trip. Once we were there the wrong day and two other days it was closed because of the strikes, so I sketched this statue outside the museum.

What's Paris without flowers and chocolate?
This is the view from our hotel (Hotel Relais Bosquet) window! Each night, from my side of the bed, I could see the Eiffel Tour between a sliver of the curtains. The sparkly lights on the tower go off at 1:00a.m. btw.
This window was across the street.

And this was our window grill. Among other things, I love the ironwork in Paris.

I tried three days to buy macarons at a shop in our neighborhood. When I finally bought them, we didn't even finish eating them...but they were fun to paint.

                                      We did finish eating all this marvelous chocolate.

Here I'm in the park, sketching in my little moleskin, but that will be another post. Au revoir!


helen said...

these are great images and story - I think you just wrote a book or at least a short story!

evensketchier said...

it was really great meeting you today! your drawings are great! hope you keep on with the artwork!