Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sketching with the Compagnons

Friday, it wasn't raining in Portland and some of the Compagnons d'Esquisse went out to Edgefield in east county to spend the morning drawing in the sunshine. This sculpture actually delivers water to the plants that are in the kegs. It's one of the clever creations on the grounds of the old poorhouse that is Edgefield. http://www.mcmenamins.com/54-edgefield-home

I don't know what this little building is. It has a guitarist on the weather vane and a sign that says "No Motorcyles", but those are the only clues.

A few of the Compagnons went to the Canvas  Art Bar and Bistro http://www.thecanvaspdx.com/ to sketch. This is one of my sketches of the model last night.

Last Saturday, it was raining again, so I sketched inside, adding this to my book of small things. It took me three NPR shows to finish it. Trying to get both kings and queens to match was pretty challenging. It was one of those activities where it seems like you can actually feel your brain working.

And that last picture gives me a chance to stick in this Kate Spade display that I sketched months ago at Pioneer Place with the Compagnons.

There's not much chance of wearing that outfit in Portland this summer.


barbaraschn said...

vicky all of your drawings/paintings are very, very good, at least in my humble opinion. Your painting of the king and queen of diamonds and spades I find particularly amazing. What can I say?, but keep up the good work!

barbaraschn said...

Vicky your work is wonderful! Your painting of the king of diamonds and the queen of spades I find particularly wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Vicky said...

Thanks for dropping by, Barbara. And thank you for your generous comments.