Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unfinished Summer Dilemna

I don't know if it's just me or if other people have lots of unfinished pages in their sketchbooks, too. I buy pretty nice sketchbooks that are light and easy to carry and that take watercolor, ink, or pencils well.  When I don't finish a page, I feel like I'm wasting the good paper. Still, there are many pages that I don't finish.

Portland Farmers Market, South Park Blocks

Lots of things can get in the way of a finished sketch: a car parks and blocks the view, I see someone I know and we get into a good conversation, the weather changes and I flee the scene, or most often, my subjects just walk away or I run out of time. In one case, the person who was going to receive the bouquet we had for her arrived before I was done with the sketch of her flowers.

My dilemna is deciding what to do with the unfinished pages.

on the cabin deck with an i-pad

Sometimes at home, I'll add color to them...

Elizabethan Theater, Lithia Park, Ashland
or words...

Portland Urban Sketchers

Portland Farmers Market, South Park Blocks

or I'll glue things on to fill the page.

Hood River Hotel from Celilo restaurant

Sometimes I have no desire to work on a sketch anymore.
North Park Lofts

Other times, I'm really stumped about how to finish a sketch later...What did the dappled sunlight look like? What was in the background? What colors were those flowers?

Beach by the river

Probably taking a picture would help, but usually  when I draw or paint from a photo, it just feels like I'm finishing a job, or doing work. For me, the spontaneity is gone along with my connection to it or my interest in it.
Lunch at Celilo, Hood River

Sometimes the solution is to return to the scene at the same time of day and hope for similar weather and light.
Laurelhurst Park over two days

 Looking at my sketchbook, I'd need to return to most of the places I've been this summer...and the light is fading and the leaves are turning and the records of the moments that passed will remain incomplete.  I'm sure there's some metaphor for life here.

Well, here are some sketches that I did finish--or at least, I stopped.
Paul Bunyan statue, Kenton Neighborhood, Portland

Room at the Winchester Inn, Ashland

Fatigued Shopper at Farmers Market

Lilies from the yard
Does anyone else have a solution to the dilemna of many unfinished sketches...or better yet, to an unfinished summer?

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helen said...

Like them can go back and finish or just leave them. Not sure! Like the Paul Bunyan especially and the farmers market.