Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Portland Food Cart

Today, I visited another Portland food cart pod: D Street Noshery on SE Division Street.  It was a beautiful fall day and my sketching friends and I were surrounded by good smells.  The atmosphere was conducive to sketching today.

Besides pie, the owner of this cart had fresh, delicious looking chocolate chip cookies tempting those who came to the window. After eating a lunch from the Mac and Cheese cart, I didn't have room for dessert, but I'll be back another day to get a treat from the Pie Spot.


helen said...

I love this drawing and the ones above too. The food carts I've seen this summer are very creative...sorry they will be closed once the rains start.

The third horse is in a front yard off NE Alberta - I love it and the front garden is a beauty!

Vicky said...

Helen, thanks for your visit and comment and for the location info. You have a great eye for spotting beauty around town.

Too sad to think about the food carts closing in the rain. I better get out there and capture some more while I can!

Jan said...

Hi Vicky. I found your blog when Pie Spot posted a picture you made of their cart. I thought it was very beautiful. Do you sell any of your artwork? Can people commission a painting from you? Do you have a website?

Vicky said...

Thank you very much, Jan. I'm flattered. I don't sell anything, or do commissions, or have a website. Basically, I draw for fun. If you want the original Pie Spot picture (which is only about 6 x 9 Inches) I'll send it to you and you can send me something back if you want.
I'm curious about where the Pie Spot posted my picture. It would be fun to see it.
Thanks again for visiting my blog.