Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Sketches

My sketching group went to Lonesomeville Pottery to sketch the lovely grounds. It started raining while we were there, so our generous hosts invited us inside the house where they were starting to arrange for their big sale on October 28. I just had a short time, but one of our sketchers had already found a corner for me to focus on when I arrived. It was so nice not to have to choose!

Next, I sketched this little vignette of bottles and jackets. 
This Friday, they're having a sale of their northwest inspired and vintage-looking pottery. Here's a link http://lonesomeville.com/ , so take a look.

Last week, a couple of Portland Urban Sketchers and I did some sketching in northwest Portland.  The plan was to do an alogrithmic walk. (Go right one block and draw. Go right two blocks and draw. Again go right two blocks and draw and then repeat the whole sequence again. ) I started by drawing this scene from Starbucks. I confess that the dog was white and not black, but when you don't use pencil and then mess up, you sometimes end up with a black dog in your picture.

As I caught up with one of the sketchers, I noticed this porch which had a line of pots filled with end-of-season vegetables. Several tomato plants in the front yard were still producing.

Then I got a little distracted tracking down houses where I used to live back in the 70's when this part of town had cheap housing for college students.

One of these days, I'll go back and sketch these houses.

It was near time to meet and I hadn't sketched much, so I did a quick sketch of these pig statues on a sidewalk. I've always wondered, 'Why pigs?' and I still don't know.

And finally, here's another day's sketch, of another sketcher who is not sketching, but instead making a luminary for Halloween. I was so glad that she wore her beautiful fall jacket, that I had to include it in the sketch by putting it on a dressmaker form that was nearby.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to go out to practice drawing some more buildings, but who knows what might catch my eye instead?


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to stop and sketch those pigs. Glad someone did it. I ask myself the same question... .why pigs?

Dailysketches said...

I like my portrait and my jacket!
Good job.

helen said...

Love everything- especially the old houses - looks like the NW part of town.