Wednesday, June 27, 2012

By the River, Now and Then

A couple of weeks ago, it was a beautiful day by the Willamette River. At a picnic table with some other sketchers, breeze in the air, coffee at hand, I drew the Hawthorne Bridge.

Hawthorne Bridge

Almost exactly a year ago, on another beautiful day, I drew from the same spot. Looks a little grayer, though.

We went down to the docks to draw the dragon boats, but drawing more than one made for a busy composition. I tried to lighten the boats in back and emphasize the lines on the front boat, but it's still pretty cluttered.

Last year's attempt was much simpler:

I wonder how I'll draw them next year?


Katharine said...

I think your fix here was very successful. The back two dragon boats have faded back and the first one popped.

Vicky said...

Thanks for your helpful advice on this, Katharine.