Monday, June 18, 2012

Portland SketchCrawl

Saturday morning was perfect weather for sketching with the Urban Sketchers.

I sat down low by the Ira Keller Fountain, close enough to feel the cool air from the falling water.

There was a Benson Bubbler Benson Bubbler right across the street, so that sketch knocked off another scavenger hunt item. I wish I had been quick enough to sketch the crow that dunked his bread in the water.

On Sunday, my husband and I rode the aerial tram up to OHSU. (Sunday is a good day to go because it isn't very busy.) The ride was quick, but fun and the views were great, even on a cloudy day. Drawing the aerial tram is very tricky, because it's only still for a matter of moments. I drew the dock first and then raced to get the tram in before it disappeared.

Here's another view of the tram dock.

"Pill Hill" would be a terrific place to practice perspective drawing because you can see so many different views of buildings and passageways. Here's a one-point view that I took from the skybridge to the Veteran's Hospital. I'm glad it's not on the scavenger hunt list!


evensketchier said...

you're just ripping through those scavenger hunt items! great drawings!

Vicky said...

Thanks, Marco.

Koryn said...


Oh wow, these are your sketches? AMAZING! I couldn't draw stick people if my life depended in it haha.