Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bastille Day in Portland

Yesterday, I sketched the Bastille Day Festival with some of the Urban Sketchers. It was held in Director Park and featured music, food, drinks, and displays and activities from French schools and organizations. We had a terrific table in the shade, near the stage, where we were able to sketch lots of different people who appeared in front of us, becoming our models.

Many people wore their hats, stripes, and red and blue.

This little girl stopped and painted for a bit. 
I'm afraid I made her look about a decade older than she was.

 The waiters raced right by our table, but I'm not quick enough to have sketched them and the wonderful shadows they created.

This waiter looked like he was having the best time!

I wasn't speedy enough to get the race, but I was able to get a quick sketch of Joseph, who was wearing a great red bow tie along with his French blue.  (I added more color at home.)

It was a perfect sketching day: other friendly sketchers, sunshine, good food, music and celebration. 

                                            Vive la Revolution Francaise!

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