Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Out with the Winter Browns

My Strathmore Toned Paper sketchbook has seemed perfect for some of the rainy days that we've had lately. It's almost filled and that seems right as it's time to switch over to something that shows off the colors of spring in Portland.  Here are most of the last of the browns and next it will be on to the greens and pinks!

If you stay for long enough when you're out on the street sketching, you're bound to see something unusual.
This time it was an eccentrically dressed man who stopped  his run to exercise vigorously in front of the elephants. He was either using a bluetooth or talking to the elephants.  He did this  routine twice while I was sketching but the park block regulars didn't seem to give him any notice.

This was the view out the Pearl Bakery Window. If you look closely, you can see a small white tree cutout
that is on the side of the building. I had never noticed it before.

The elephants appear again, but there was no running man on this weekend day. 
This sketch took me the least amount of time of the bunch and it is my favorite.


helen said...

Look real nice on that color of paper. Reminds me of a Seattle artist who painted on paper bags. We have a few of his pieces.

Vicky said...

I was thinking that that would be be cheaper than buying the sketchbooks, but we rarely have paper bags any more!