Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Crow Magic

Saturday, after our shopping at the PSU Farmer's Market, I sat on a shady bench and drew part of the very complex, Simon Benson House.  When I was downtown the next day, I decided to add the nearby Benson Bubbler to the facing page. As I was drawing, a crow landed on the fountain and started drinking from it. I sketched it in quickly, but then another one arrived. The first crow fed water to the second crow! I'd never seen anything like this and watched in rapt attention. Then I decided to try to get a photo, but it was too late. A large group of cyclists came and I watched the crows fly off. Luckily, I had enough of an image in my mind to add what I remembered of the second crow.

The bicyclists in the tour group parked their bikes around the fountain and got drinks. They didn't notice me and hadn't noticed the crows, but they heard various facts about Simon Benson and the Benson Bubblers. About half the information was accurate. (I was reminded of a fellow sketcher who used to make up information when he was a tour guide in another well-known city.)

It was another moment to be glad to be a sketcher who plants herself down for half an hour at a time and carefully looks at something. It's always revealing of something new and sometimes, like this day, it's just magical.

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Dailysketches said...

Vicky I think these sketches are wonderful as well as your lettering.
The story of the crows is just magical. Yes, it is great to slow down and observe.
You never know when a special moment like this will happen. Aren't you glad you were able
to document this? Put it on PDX USK!