Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hot, Dry Summer

Portland has been having a hot and dry summer and I've been in the city for most of it.

This is looking at the PSU Farmers Market. I remember that it was hot.

I drew this from a spot of shade in Directors Square. The new building is nearing completion.

I drew the bottom of the St. John's bridge on a sketch crawl with several local sketchers. By the time I sketched this, it was already getting very toasty and most people were claiming shady patches with views of the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival. I watched our son play and then left for a cooler place.

This is a view of a dress shop that I sketched while waiting for a latte and croissant. (Our neighborhood has many temptations in it.)

I drew the cloudy sky above the Portland Art Museum. 

Here is another cloudy sky and the new building seen from the Portland Art Museum. As I drew this, a man played the piano in the courtyard. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square' was a lovely accompaniment for sketching, even as the day got warmer.

The hot weather has been hard on the flowers...

I probably shouldn't have bought a new hydrangea during the drought, but I've always wanted one of these lacecaps and I love the periwinkle color. I planted it right by the faucet.

Last weekend, we had some much needed rain. The next two sketches were made looking out from behind windows.

I hope we get some more rain, but I also hope it comes after I'm back from my river trip.

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