Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Inside and Outside Urban Sketching

After days of rain, Monday in Portland was mostly sunny. My husband and I took advantage of the weather to walk over our newest bridge, Tilikum Crossing. (This is the one bridge that might escape destruction should the predicted huge earthquake occur.) As it was Martin Luther King day, many people were out enjoying their walks in the sunshine. After taking in the view from both sides, we finished up with a coffee and snacks from Elephants Cafe on the west side. There was just enough time to get in a sketch.

On Saturday, the Urban Sketchers of Portland met at Union Station for a sketch crawl. Again, with the holiday weekend, there were sudden arrivals and excited greetings of travelers.

This sketch was made at f & b cafe inside Rejuvenation Hardware, but if you know the barista, you won't recognize him here. I changed his mutton chop sideburns to a full beard (among other things) and the poor customer is made of parts of at least two different women.

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