Monday, January 11, 2016

Over the Balcony

This weekend, most of the people at the Portland Art Museum were there to see the Paul Allen show before it closed. I went there intending to draw some of those people who would be busy looking at the wonderful paintings, but it was too crowded for that. Instead, I decided to draw the view over the balcony looking down on the 'Fallen Fruit' exhibit. This was the most challenging perspective I think I've ever drawn and I admit that I added the shading at home. It would have been even more complicated if I had added the profusely decorated and colorful wallpaper. As it was, I felt like my brain was doing calisthenics.

The day before, I drew these charming antler heads in the Northwest Native American exhibit. I think one of them looks like Steve Martin and another like John Cleese. 

I was looking down on these too, but sketching them was definitely easier on the brain.

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