Monday, May 8, 2017


We've had lots of terrible weather this winter and spring, so outdoor sketching has been pretty limited until now. That left me to mostly draw in the house or in coffeeshops. Somehow, that's never as inspiring as being outside, so I took the opportunity to take an online class and follow a book of watercolor instructions so keep up my creative spirits. I decided that it was time to actually try to learn how to paint with watercolors, instead of just messing around.

Here are some of the direct copies of Will Freeborn's examples in 'Learn to Paint Watercolor with 50 Paintings. I took some liberties and added a few things of my own (for example, the tattooed arm got a political message), but most are similar to his examples.

After this flower, I wanted to try some on my own, which I did with mixed results. I'm not pleased with the smudgy dark backgrounds.

I also took an online Craftsy class by Anna Mason. She gave excellent, detailed, exacting directions which I did my best to follow. This rose (approximately 10" x14") was a test of my patience and persistence. It was drawn and painted from a photograph and it has numerous layers.  I learned a lot and I'm glad I finished it, but I won't be doing more of these. I call it 'Never Again.'


Andrea said...

Wow these are so beautiful. I love the brilliant colors and contrasts.

Vicky said...

Thanks, Andrea! I'm eager to sketch with you again! It's been a long time.