Wednesday, May 31, 2017

NYC Sketchbook

The view from our hotel. One of the buildings looks like Batman's head--or maybe a pussy hat.

The Cooper Hewitt

Imagine this with diamonds

This screen also had a golden Josephine Baker playing the violin, but that was too much for me to draw!

We both loved the Jawlensky exhibit at the Neue Galerie.

a postcard

Oops--upside down sketchbook when I drew the silverware.

There was a long line and we were tired and hungry and then surprised by the bill!

Selfie while watching a video installation in Chelsea

A lovely coffeeshop with outdoor tables and umbrellas in Chelsea.

View from the Highline
One of the main reasons I wanted to come to NYC and see the Whitney Biennial.

I really wanted her glass of wine, but I knew I wouldn't make it through the hot afternoon if I had one.
Our lovely lunches at the Whitney

Foodtrucks out the window

felt pigeons in Washington Square Park
This young man stormed off, leaving his backpack,  after shouting this to his parents. They  just looked at the pack and then at  eachother and rolled their eyes.
Metropolitan Museum of Art


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