Monday, December 6, 2010

December Sketchcrawl

On Saturday, several of the Portland Urban Sketchers met for a sketchcrawl. We started at a coffee shop in SE Portland and then moved on to the Architectural Heritage Center where we drew items that had been salvaged from old Portland buildings. We had lunch, shared sketchbooks, talked sketching and sketched some more at the Side Door. Here are some sketches from the day.

Sketchers and dazed customer at coffee shop. Lamp from  Architectural Heritage Center. I 'm pretty sure I saw a similar lamp to this while I was on jury duty. I wanted to sketch it, but it wasn't the right time and place.

Various displayed items and a poor likeness of a fellow sketcher.
This is the same face as on the previous page, but it looked surprisingly different from this angle.
Sketchers and others at the Side Door.

The day before, I sketched with some friends at Rejevenation. This little woodstove looked like it could be dancing with the andirons, Beauty and the Beast style. I was tempted to add movement lines to the sketch.

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Bob said...

Wow you have used retirement well. I can only dream of drawing like you as well as having time to do it. I can't decide if I like b/w sketches or when you add color more.