Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Grids, New Year

                 Sometimes, it's fun to draw little pictures in a grid. (These are from quite awhile back.) 
This one was inspired by a commercial card 
of faces in black, white, and gold.

This grid was filled while watching Poirot on t.v. 
(I think he was actually a detective rather than an inspector.)
Most of his expressions were conveyed via his terrific eyebrows.

       And this grid was drawn while watching Lawrence of Arabia.

Maybe I'll make a calendar grid and add one little picture to represent each day ( A minimalist approach to drawing or keeping a journal. Sounds doable. )This could be the right day to start a project like that.
     Happy New Year!


Heather said...

Your grid idea is so inspiring! When you do little bite-sized pics it seems like maybe I could do it too!
Your subject matter is fun. I am fascinated by your t.v. watching/sketching idea. Think I'll try it!
Thank you for sharing. I just love your blog!

debR said...

Hi Vicky. I too love this idea of the grid and your Poirot and Lawrence of Arabia grids are great!.deb