Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hawthorne and Beyond

I found a few more things on the Urban Sketchers Portland Scavenger Hunt list.
Coffee is always easy to find. This came from The Hazel Room on Hawthorne.

(I should have anchored that enormous cup of coffee with a shadow.)

Sitting on the porch there, I sketched the bikes and roses.

(Until drawing this, I hadn't realized that the bicylist logo is wearing a helmet.)

Here's another one done on Hawthorne: The Backstage Bar behind the Bagdad Theater.

(Here's a problem with adding paint at home: I painted sky over part of what should have been building.)

 Dads with babies aren't on the list, but they're easy to find. These two were at Jamison Square.

Lampposts are on the list, so here a a couple seen from between
The Schnitz and the The Winningstad theaters.

 One of these days, I need to tackle the harder items on the list: the bike pile, the elk, and a Benson Bubbler.


helen said...

Catching up on your lovely images. Have you ever made any into cards? I thought of that because a neighbor of ours, Carol Sands, has some watercolors of places in our neighborhood (Beaumont Wilshire) made into greeting cards.

Vicky said...

Thank you, Helen. I don't think I have many images that are card-worthy yet. Maybe someday. I've seen your neighbor's cards; they're really nice.