Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Week of Sketches

I got these great cups and saucers at the Oregon Potter's Show and Sale. I think they're going to be perfect for sharing a cup of tea and a cookie with a friend. I wish I could remember who made them. They look like they were made in a studio in the woods.

Technically, this next one wasn't painted this week, but it's another Oregon potter's creation from a previous year. I really enjoy having morning tea in this cup. Someday, maybe I'll get the teapot that goes with this.

We've had a few days of absolutely beautiful weather, so I went to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens to draw some enormous flowers.  Many people passed these tangly trees until I started drawing them. Then people started to pause to look at them, examining them closely, taking pictures of them, and in one case, posing the whole family in the branches. Another sketcher pointed out that drawing sometimes helps other people to notice things around them, too. Good point.

The rest are my attempts to draw things from the PDX Urban Sketchers Scavenger Hunt list.
This is a drawing from inside Elephant's deli, two attempts at the Portland sign on the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and the Umbrella Man at Pioneer Square.

(Did I improve?)

(The only guy expecting rain.)

It looks like we're going to have more beautiful weather, so that means more sketching outside! Hurray!


Carrie H. said...

Hi Vicky,
I was at Crystal Springs this week too. I didn't do much sketching, I guess I was to distracted by everything going on around me. Love your cup collection.

Vicky said...

Thanks,, Carrie. I agree there's a lot going on at C.S. Did you see the goslings?