Thursday, May 31, 2012

Waiting....Sketches from the Car

I used to hate to wait, and life often required waiting.  In order to make my frequent watch-checking more amusing, I had a watch that changed colors with the second hand. That helped a little, but mostly,I was an impatient, restless (and sometimes irritable) fidgeter when I waited. That was before I read Danny Gregory's blog  and started carrying a sketchbook with me everywhere. Now, like many people who draw regularly, a wait doesn't usually bother me because it's a chance to squeeze in a quick sketch. Sometimes I even tag along on a grocery trip or a latte run just to be able to sketch something while waiting. Here are some of the things I've sketched recently from the car.

This is Franks A Lot hotdogs, across the parking lot from Whole Foods.

I liked the funny toys in the storefront window.

This is about as much of a building as I like to draw.
We watched storm clouds gather from the airport Cell Phone Waiting Area as we waited to pick up some friends. 

Their flight was late, so I started sketching things inside the car.

Now, with smart phones, it's easy to be distracted and waiting isn't much of a problem. Still, I'm going to try to keep up my sketching-while-waiting habit that I've been doing for several years. Thank you, Danny Gregory, for showing us that just about anything can be interesting to draw.


Janene said...

I have a whole sketchbook of "waiting sketches"--I agree, sketching makes the time go by so much quicker! My favorites of these are the pen and inks, especially the one of the cell phone waiting area. I felt I was there when I looked at your sketch (in a good way ;-).

Vicky said...

Thanks, Janene. I hope you post your "waiting sketches" sometime.