Thursday, May 30, 2013

Festival of Flowers. etc.

I walked through Pioneer Courthouse Square today and saw the display of flowers. I wasn't sure if it was finished, because I couldn't tell what the design was until I saw the sign, Tattoo Portland...

and then it became clearer...

There were tables and chairs set up in the design, so I sat and drew this sketch between rain showers.

Here are a couple of miscellaneous sketches from May.

(There seem to be quite a few blog appearances of the blue checked tablecloth this month.)

The strawberries are scrumptious this year and the lettuces are gigantic because of all the rain.


helen said...

The festival of flowers looks spectacular.

Thanks for checking out my recent pic - I think they did a nice job on the park area . I hope the old rundown building in the background stays around for a long time.

Dailysketches said...

I really like the market fruit & veggies.
The Japanese Garden sketches are wonderful and
Your lanterns look so lovely.
That was a wonderful day,wasn't it?

Vicky said...

Thanks so much, Linda. I agree, it was a wonderful day. We should go there again sometime.