Thursday, May 30, 2013

Noguchi and the Japanese Garden

Portland is lucky to have several Noguchi sculptures on loan at the  Portland Japanese Garden.  A few weeks ago, a sketching friend and I spent the morning sketching some of them. Portland's Japanese Garden doesn't allow any paints, so we just drew in pencil or pen and I added the color at home. As often happens when drawing, I gained an additional appreciation for Noguchi's shapes and textures while trying to capture the look on paper. It was such a temptation to touch them all--but I behaved.

Isamu Noguchi made sculptures of marble, paper, metal, stone and bronze, among other things.


Some of his sculptures were outside in the garden. Portland's Big Pink is in the background and had it been a clearer day, there would have been Mt. Hood, too.

We took a break for lunch and ate in the Garden Room at Elephant's. The hanging lanterns seemed to fit the theme of the day.

Back at the Japanese Garden, we sketched some more...

before visiting the gift shop. This peaceful little stone figure wanted to come home with me, as a souvenir of the day.

Before the visit, I had watched the movie, Leonie. It is the story of Isamu Noguchi's mother and shows some of how he got his artistic start in life. I highly recommend both the movie and the show of his sculptures and the Japanese Garden.


Katharine said...

Thanks for sharing your sketches of the Japanese Gardens. I enjoyed them all and am very impressed by how many you did! Your sketches are really lovely.

Vicky said...

Thanks, Katharine. Yes, we were very focussed and drew for a few hours. We should go there sometime when it's nice.