Monday, January 31, 2011

Sketching at Cargo: Color Infusion

One of the sketchers in my sketching group arranged for us to visit and sketch at Cargo, an import store in the Pearl. They were very welcoming, even letting us use their stools for sketching. The store is a wonderful place to visit when you want to be surrounded by color, and this month they also have lots of decorations for Chinese New Year.
I liked the lotus lanterns, but the strings of firecrackers really appealed to me.

There was this great bed in the window, filled with colorful pillows. Matisse could have used this to paint his Odalisque in Red Trousers. 

I decided to add color, but just couldn't get the vibrancy with my watercolors:

See what I mean? Wow!

And finally, I sketched a Buddha:

When you can't travel to the tropics and the January gloom of Portland is getting you down, I highly recommend a trip to Cargo--and sketching, too, of course.


helen said...

That is one colorful place and your work captures it!

Vicky said...

Thanks, Helen. I know from your blog that you search out color, too.