Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sketching Old Objects

A group of sketching friends and I went to Monticello Antique Marketplace for sketching. This had been arranged with the very generous and accommodating owner, Kelli.  After a coffee and pastry in Monti's cafe, we wandered throughout  the store to sketch some of the great displays. There were so many sketching possibilities!
An Audrey Hepburn look and an old lace dress
The clock face read: Time of your life...seems appropriate.

This old sewing machine is still in use at Taborspace. I was there looking for a sketching group, but instead met a group of polymer artists and one other sketcher.  The group was welcoming, so we joined them and sketched.


Janene said...

Oh, these are wonderful! You convey so much atmosphere in them. I like the frame you are putting around your sketches.

Bob said...

I love the clock face sketch. The green table in the back really emphasizes the clock and its size. You were also correct in the vibrancy of the colors from Cargo. Water color isn't a vibrant medium. It is nice and subtle. -Christy