Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sketching with the Portland Urban Sketchers

In January, the Portland Urban Sketchers had several sketching events in Old Town. It was pretty cold for outdoor sketching, so these were done through windows.

Pizza delivery bike drawn from  window inside Old Town Pizza

NW 4th and Davis, drawn from inside the car

On another day, we started at the Lovejoy Bakery, which was packed with people getting their pastries and coffees...and some who were sketching.

A group of us went to the Canvas where we sketched a model and eachother.

The model was dressed as an aerobics instructor.


helen said...

You have been busy and I like them all!

Vicky said...

Thanks so much for coming by, Helen! I guess I have been busy sketching, but mostly I'm just a blogging procrastinator. The sketching part is definitely more fun, but I do love getting comments.