Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sketches of Christmas Past

Since I don't like to take the time to scan sketches and I haven't been very pleased with the results, I tend to postpone it.   Last night, John was over and took pictures of my December and January sketches.  The pictures are brighter than I get with the scanner and he saved me hours of scanning.  Of course, now they'll be another big load of sketches coming to the blog.

Here are some miscellaneous sketches that were done around Christmas:
Linda's charming house.
Besides the lovely Christmas decorations, I wanted to include the delightful painting on the wall. The lady's face wasn't as morose as this appears.  After all, she's surrounded by lanterns, she's wearing a fortune cookie print outfit, and she's balancing a Chinese takeout box on her head. How could she not be happy?
Our dining room table
We had a LOT of cookies!
And here's a final page done partly at home and partly at a very cold sketchcrawl with the Portland Urban Sketchers.

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Dailysketches said...

Enjoyed seeing all your recent work.Fun seeing the craz-ee Chinese take out lady!
The shadows added to the antique display really look good!You go girl!