Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13: More Corn

I'm not tired of drawing the dried corn yet. I did get tired of drawing over the gutter in my toned sketchbook, so since I was in the vicinity of an art store today, I bought a large toned sketchbook. This should keep me busy for awhile.

I asked M. if he had a corny joke to go with today's post, but no luck. It's just drawings today.

An aside on the Sketch-a-Day: I would hate to jinx this, but it seems like this daily sketching is getting easier. While I was dusting, I kept coming across things I wanted to draw--like corn! I also fiddled around with some sketches I made in the dark last night and since the weather was gorgeous, I tried to do a sketch with watercolor while some of the trees still are in full color. I just kept getting interested in one drawing after another. The watercoloring outside was a mistake, though. I should have realized that at 3pm there was still dew on the grass from the morning. My watercolors wouldn't dry!  It may be time for just ink or markers--or car sketching with the heater blasting.


Dailysketches said...

Vicky,these are just stunning! So much feeling in that top one. The corn seems the perfect subject for this paper.
You deserved the bigger sketchbook as you know how to use it!

Janene said...

Love these sketches on toned paper with the white and sepia pens. I agree with Linda--it seems a particularly fitting approach for Indian corn. The way those stiff husks fan out is really cool.

Vicky said...

Thank you, both.

ellen said...

Vicky--I love the brown paper drawings. The dried corn sketches are fabulous! Your Sketch-A-Day is inspirational: getting mileage! Thanks, Ellen S.