Friday, November 1, 2013

November Challenge: A Sketch A Day

Another sketching friend and I have promised to sketch every day for the month of November, so here is day one:

It started with a kind of tilty sketch at Oblique Coffee. (Maybe the name of the shop was having an effect on my lines. ) I liked the way the bottles above the doorway looked in the  sunlight coming in the window.

At noon, I sketched some of the local goats, but they moved to quickly to result in any sketches that were near postable.

This afternoon, I sketched some dried corn that I've been meaning to draw.

And this one doesn't count for November since I drew it last month.  It's a sketch of a customer in headphones working on his laptop at Christopher David--a classic coffee shop scene.


Dailysketches said...

The corn is lovely. I wish I had drawn Andrew's shoes on
Toned paper. I could have indicated the scuffs and white leather. You have done a good job with this technique.

Janene said...

Fun sketches!